SONOW reads out
your favourite news to you
Your Own Personal News Reader
SONOW connects to your twitter stream
and starts reading news which you like

A new way to listen to news

SONOW speaks out news from your twitter stream and then remembers your likes and dislikes. It is like Pandora for your twitter stream. You only get the distilled trickle from the big firehose that Twitter has turned into and that too spoken out to you. So you can listen to it while driving or on your commute or while you jog.

Simple UI

We like simplicity. I'm sure you do too. We appreciate minimalist interfaces.

Easy to use

With just a couple of clicks, the app is ready to use. The more you use the app, the more it learns about your preferences. On the backend there is a smart algorithm filtering out content for you. But on the front end, its easy peasy for you to use.



The name SONOW signifies that its real time (so-now) and also signifies 'speaking out to you' (sonow in Hindi means speak to me). SONOW speaks to you the the latest from your twitter stream and makes sure you only get the news that you like.

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